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  1. Je voudrais payer mon adhésion via Paypal. Quelle adresse e-mail dois-je faire le paiement à Merci pour toute aide Scotslyon
  2. Guys The gamesroom has evolved since the last time you saw it. It now has a toilet installed. The door to this is off a transit van I put something in the bowl to improve my aim lol What I need now is a Lyon car number plate to complete the joke. Can anyone help with this? Regards
  3. Thats very kind offer and would be much appreciated Thans
  4. Booked my flight, hotel and bought the tickets for the Bordeux game It's my first trip to Lyon so i'm looking forward to touring the city and taking in the game. This will be the forth time I have seen OL, I have seen them play against Liverpool in a CL game, Spurs in the EL and a friendly at Notts Forrest.
  5. Hello forum I am thinking of visiting the city and going to the Bordeux game in May. Can anyone recommend a hotel near the Gerland? Also as it is the last home game of the seaon will it be difficult to get tickets?
  6. If we play the game against PSG on the 7th of Feb like we played today we will be very hard to beat. Toulouse were poor today but we were impressive the way we just kept attacking even when the game was clearly over was joy to watch. The young Lions roaring to the top of L1 with 8 home grown players in the squad is also a joy to see, good times are here at the moment and long may they continue
  7. Sad news indeed from Paris. France has my deepest sympathy.
  8. Merry Christmas to everone on the forum and all the best when the new year comes
  9. ScotsLyon


    I knew you didn't have a problem with the tattoo. I just couldn't work out what you meant. Thanks for explaining it
  10. ScotsLyon


    Desole, je ne comprends pas cette Qu'est-ce que vous trouvez desagreable?
  11. Thanks. It definatley looks better as Lyon though
  12. ScotsLyon

    Lyon - Reims

    I watched the game on a very poor link from a friend. The first half was as poor as the link but a late late winner in the second half more than made up for the poor visual quality. A well needed 3 points, that keeps us up with the top two Allez L'OL
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